Ghosts Are Real Essay

  • Ghosts are real!

    Ghosts are real because Einstein's law as of energy says that matter can not be destroyed nor created. Ghosts are basically the astral body that was once inside a physical body which the ghost (the astral projection of the astral body) does not occupy his physical body anymore. Plus Robert Lanza theory of Biocentrism says death doesn't exist in any real scenario!

  • Ghosts = Legit.

    I didn't believe in ghosts until I came face to face with one, I was in my bed and felt a slithering sensation going down my leg. Years later, a doctor will tell me I have herpes and it was most likely contracted by a succubus ghost. I've never been the same.

  • Ghost are real!

    A. For the argument that ghost shouldn't wear clothes? That's bologna. According to ghost hunters, ghosts stay around for "unfinished business." Obviously they stay in clothes for a sense of mortality and not feel so forlorn or the sense of feeling like an anachronism. Crossing over is a term used for when they go in the world where everyone else that's not a ghost goes, and the idea of lingering energy is an absolute FACT! The same amount of energy has been on this earth ever since it existed. Once someone dies their energy goes somewhere and that's when ghosts are created. I personally believe if the dead thing doesn't create a ghost, the energy will go into another being not born. And the picture thing, I understand that there is technology now and we are capable of doing those things but how do you explain the pictures taken before computers? Streaks? Maybe some, but the ones that resemble a human face EXACTLY? And 1 more point that needs to be argued, so let's say you just got married and are looking for a place to live in 1897, you find a house and love it. It seems to have something odd about it, strange things are happening. You see something: a shadow, you swear it was human figure. How are you going to tell the people in your small town? How is this news going to spread WORLD WIDE without any technology? Tell me how this idea spread through THROUGH THE WHOLE WORLD?! There, those are my points.

  • Due to the things I've experienced, I have no doubts about ghosts.

    I know they're real. I've had far too many experiences that have turned me from a skeptic into a believer. I have no problem with people who need to experience it or see it for themselves in order to be convinced. That's exactly how I am with most things and how I used to be when it came to ghosts but experience after experience has left me with no other choice but to believe. I don't drink or do drugs and I consider myself to be a very rational and intelligent person so even when I've had things happen, I'd look at my surroundings and immediately try to find a logical source for what I've heard or seen. Most times it's something that's easily explained but there were many times where there was nothing else it could be. I've heard distinct voices with no one around and the voice was definitely from the immediate area. One time I distinctly heard a little girl say “HI" right behind me but there was no one else in the building and certainly no children. Me and several of my friends watched a clock detach itself from the wall, hover in mid air for well over a second and land a good 5 feet out from the wall. We did everything we could to recreate it and we couldn't even make it fall off of the wall let alone do what we saw it do. There have been many other incidents as well that have led me to the conclusion that in some places, some part of the deceased still remains. I have no theories as far as the exact science behind it but I have no doubt about the things I've experienced. It was real.

  • I would say yes. I'm not going to be closed-minded and think that we don't have other creatures and weird phenomena happening.

    I think they are. I heard from my cousins that lived in Texas say that there was the story about some kids on a bus getting hit by a train. They told me that if you drove over the tracks and turn your vehicle off the car would be pushed off the tracks. Forgot where at but they closed the place from entrance now. But for some people they have to see it to believe it which isn't bad but it's good to keep an open mind to things for we aren't the only living thing in this universe or world. Besides how can you prove you seen something if no one believes you whether recorded or takened photos. Some people wanna see it with their eyes but to me that would be bad if I ended up dead or if alive thought as crazy if told someone. So we really shouldn't scratch anything off even if seen as fake. Anything seems possible for this world seems like or as the saying goes "Ignorance is bliss"

  • Ghosts must be real with some many reports of phenomena.

    There are so many people in the world who have claimed to have otherworldly encounters. True, some of them may just be claiming so to receive attention, but the majority of these people should not be overlooked. There are so many things in the world that we do not understand or cannot explain, we should not say that ghosts are not real.

  • Yes ghosts are real

    I do believe ghosts exist, and that spirits can contact others from beyond the grave in one form or another. Just recently in fact a cousin of mine was told in a dream by her deceased father, my uncle, that she needed to get her mom to the hospital. Had she not, she may well have died. Her dad saved her mom's life basically. So yeah I think ghosts exist, most just aren't paying close enough attention to recognize them. The soul always lives on, just the bodies don't.

  • They are too

    I've never encountered one but I still believe maybe some are to shy Cx and if wouldn't write on the no side cuz I heard that the ghosts will hunt down whoever says no and make them believe Jk
    Well anyways I still think they are real but I really hope I never have an encounter with one. And I'm gonna be honest I am scared to death about these kinds of things so I never watch ghost movies or read about them yet somehow I still believe that they are real. Not only that but there are more yes than no and the nos don't have very good reasons on not believe, and I think this page is Silly you guys should just leave this to the scientist because they are actually smart and have the tool to prove of they are real or not so of THEY say ghosts are real they are real, and if they say ghosts aren't real then they aren't. End of conversation

  • Unexplained sightings over the years

    I've had many sightings over the years. Some extremely frightening. I remember the fire in the vents of a house we rented when was a kid. Pops waving goodbye from his front porch after he had died. Something touched my shoulder as a teen and I believed it was my father who had passed when I was five. My covers were snatched off me one night. I jumped out of bed and fought whatever it was, got my cover back and the bedroom lights came on. The next time it happened about five years later it was me it tried to take. I fought again. I woke up halfway off the foot of my bed. Years later I wake up in the middle of the night and see a person hovering over me, looking at me sideways. I could see the shoulders, body, feet sort of disappeared or faded. It looked like glass. I could see through it. By this time I'd seen so many strange, unexplained things I just turned over and went back to sleep. Then there's the footsteps at night, always stops at my bedroom door. I've tried to catch it but the hall is always empty. Things have fallen off shelves, not alarming but the book, globe, or whatever should not be across the room after it falls. It should be right in front of the shelf. I'm not trying to prove ghosts exist. Let someone prove they don't.

  • Yes I do

    I've seen many ghost shows on T.V. That I believe ghosts re real, it scares me half to death that if I see one I'll die of frightening. Almost every place is haunted. Especially old run down places, my friend saw a ghost throwing stuff at her. That is why I believee ghosts are real

  • From freshman to alumni, here are 15 things that all University of Arkansas student knows to be true.

    1. The Brough smell will haunt you.

    I didn't notice it until someone pointed it out, but now it follows me everywhere. Smell aside, the cookies there are life-changing.

    2. The squirrels just do not care.

    Honestly, they're a little terrifying. Personal space is not a thing.

    3. It should be called the University of Arkansas and Texas.

    Your sociology class has 300 people in it? At least 200 of them of from Texas.

    4. There's a difference between Dallas and Dallas, Dallas.

    Dallas, Texas is the Dallas area and the surrounding suburbs. Dallas, Dallas is the actual city. And yes, there is a difference.

    5. Club Mullins is everyone's favorite RSO.

    The people go to Mullins Library religiously, the odds of getting a decent table on weeknights is low. Finals week it is nonexistent.

    6. Greek life is huge.

    30% of students on campus are a member of a Greek organization. Even if you are not a member of one, chances are you've been asked if you are or you have a friend in one.

    7. People take their Thursday nights seriously.

    You best bet that half of your floor in your dorm is going to be going out on Thursday night, and they have already devised a plan on where they're going first.

    8. Dickson Street will become your best friend.

    For the older students or the freshman with a fake and who actually looks older than 16, Dickson Street becomes a staple.

    9. The Hill must be avoided at all costs.

    God bless those who live in Pomfret. Walking up The Hill never gets easier and avoiding it at all costs is the best option.

    10. Football, all day every day.

    Our team may not be the best, but people defend it like their religion.

    11. Meal Trade is a blessing and a curse.

    It may not always be the best, but Meal Trade is honestly a life saver. Chik-Fil-A forever.

    12. Parking tickets are the bane of your existence.

    If there's one thing the University of Arkansas loves more than calling the Hogs, it's giving you a parking ticket for anything and everything.

    13. Pomfret's fire alarms go off more than your alarm before your 8 a.m.

    Again, God bless those who live in Pomfret.

    14. Chances are you've fallen on campus at least once.

    Flat sidewalks? HA. The spot outside The Union has taken down many a good person.

    15. You will call the Hogs, and you will do it often.

    Football game? Call them Hogs. Finite test? Call the Hogs. In the cafeteria? Call 'em. See a campus tour? DO IT. Outside the dorms at two in the morning. HELL YEAH DO IT. People will literally call the Hogs at any time.

    For all the good and the bad though, the University of Arkansas is our home and we'll probably fight whoever trash talks it. Woo Pig Forever Y'all


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